The Young Energetic Pune City of India

The Young Energetic Pune City of India
The Young Energetic Pune City of India

The Young Energetic Pune City of India

After Mumbai, the second largest city of Maharashtra state in India is Pune City. Pune is also called Poona and it is Maratha people’s cultural capital. Shivaji Bhonsle or Shivaji Maharaj established Maratha Empire which was once the Centre of Power. In the 17th century, the city of Pune got importance and became the capital of Bhonsle Marathas. Pune was captured for a very brief period by the Mughals but was retaken by the Marathas and served as their capital from 1714 till 1817 when British took control of it.

At the current state, the Pune city is situated 560 meters above sea level got an area of 479 square kilometers. Being an industrial place, people from all over India reaches here in search of jobs, so as expected the population of this city is much more than many other major cities and stands at approx. 3,124,458 or more than three million.

Pune city is one of the fastest growing and happening places in Maharashtra, crowded with Youngsters because the city has a large number of colleges, cultural centres and various types of industries. Many of the colleges and cultural places were present during the Nehru era because of which former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru called this city as the ‘Oxford and Cambridge of India’. The city provides plenty of job opportunities to all as almost all the major IT and ITEs industries are present here along with various assembly plants and factories.

In Pune, there are various places which attract tourists but the centre of attraction is the Shaniwar Wada. The tour will be incomplete without visiting it once. Also known as “Seat of Empire” in honour of PeshwaBajiraroBalaji, it has five gates named as DilliDarwaza, MastaniDarwaza, KhidkiDarwaza, Ganesh Darwaza and JhambulDarwaza.

Another place which receives a great amount of crowd and is a major part of the Pune Tourism is Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple; a very popular and iconic temple in Maharashtra devoted to Lord Ganesh. It is visited by thousands of Indian and foreign visitors, including film stars and politician alike every year.

Church – 

St. Mary’s Church also known as the “Mother Church of the Deccan”, is the oldest Anglican Church in the city of Pune, constructed by East India Company in the year 1825 for the spiritual needs of the British officers. A must visit destination if one is planning to tour Pune in December, as thousands of people visit this place together to attend the midnight mass.

Beautiful Garden’s – 

One the most beautiful garden of Pune is Osho Garden and is situated behind the Osho Ashram in Koregaon Park. The environment here is very Soothing, Natural and Calming. It allows us to get a step closer to the Mother Nature and that is why this resort is used for Meditation and Yoga. Regular training programs on spirituality and meditation take place here.

Museum’s – 

National War Museum, Southern Command is a war memorial dedicated to our heroes, the ‘Indian Soldiers”.  They sacrificed their lives for our nation and for us. The big attraction of this museum is a MIG 23 BN Jet fighter which was used during the Kargil war. The museum is mostly made up of pillars which attracts many tourists every year. This war memorial is built by citizens’ contribution and is very special.

Plenty of Food – 

In Pune, plenty of food options are available for everyone and fast foods are really consumed very fast by the people of Pune. And Bedekar’sPuneriMisal (Food mixture mostly made of Wheat Floor fried in oil) tops the chart. It is served hot with Pav (a type of bread, a bit fluffy and rectangle in shape but smaller in size) and Gravy which is topped/garnished with raw onions and coriander leaf chopped into small pieces making this a must try Dish.

Another must-try fast food is Garden’s Vada (Mashed potato, coated with flour and then deep fried in cooking oil) and Pav (a type of bread), this food is the best in town with cheap prices and Good taste. In Pune’s fast and vast life, it is these types of food joints which provide relief to thousands of hungry souls.

If one has a sweet tooth then Kayani Bakery’s Cakes and Biscuits are a must try. Everything they have on their menu is famous. The Mawa biscuits and the Strawberry cake are the most popular items in their Bakery. Equally famous is the Vaishali’sSabudana Vada which is served hot with Coconut chutney. The food is hygienic and tasty; the only problem one will face is to find a seat.

The best part of Pune city is its youngsters who are full of energy and are always helpful.