Rajasthan Is A Royal Tourist Place For Visit in India

Rajasthan Is A Royal Tourist Place For Visit in India

From the beginning, India remained one of the top tourist’s destinations in the world. Because of different cultures, believes and practices India remains an interesting place to explore. And that is the reason why revenue through tourism industry is increasing year after year.
So when it comes to preparing a list of which all places one can visit it becomes a very difficult task. Because across India, in all the States, one will certainly find destinations which are significant to past history, be it beautiful temples or magnificent forts.
One can also witness various rituals performed in various parts of India which are very colorful and engaging to watch.
And one of the best colorful places to visit is the Rajasthan State. Diverse culture, friendly atmosphere and a good number of famous tourist places to visit, Rajasthan state should be the first choice for anyone who wants to visit and explore the cultural heritage of India.
In Rajasthan, tourist places are visually very awe-inspiring, motivating and well maintained. In fact, in many places, especially inside the forts and palaces, walls are decorated with beautiful drawings and designs using color materials which were not so advanced as of today and yet did not fade away.One can also experience the rich history associated with these places, which are very engaging.Rajasthan state alone has so many tourist places very few other states have.
Some of the major cities in Rajasthan are;

Jaipur (Pink City)
Largest city and capital of Rajasthan, also called Pink City, was founded by the Rajput ruler of Amber Sawai Jai Singh II in 1727. The city was built as per plan, which can be seen in the good laid out streets and artistic architecture all over the city. And that is the reason why the city remains one of the top tourist destinations in India. Famous for maintaining its heritage, Jaipur contains temples, forts, gardens, museums and huge marketplace for tourists to spend their entire day enjoying without feeling tired. Jaipur is also very famous for its unique arts and crafts work.

Major tourist attractions of Jaipur are;
Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Birla Temple, Nahargarh Fort, Albert Hall Museum, GaltaJi, Govind Dev Ji Temple.

Udaipur (City of Lakes)
Upon reaching Udaipur one can feel the lovely atmosphere it carries. Udaipur is also called ‘The City of Lakes’, ‘Venice of The East’ and ‘Kashmir of Rajasthan’, last name because of chilling cold one can feel during the winter season.
Udaipur contains 7 lakes and many hills making stunning locations and a very scenic place which everyone will want to capture in memory.It also has a rich cultural background and rich heritage. Palaces in Udaipur are architectural beauty showcasing the grandeur with which Rajput’s once used to live and the love they used to get from there people.

MaharanaUdai Singh II founded the city in 1559 and it used to be the capital of Sisodia Rajput Kingdom of Mewar State. At that time it is planned and built around artificial lakes. Later on, many more grand palaces were built around it.
Udai Sing II was the father of legendary King MaharanaPratap Singh, who faught famous battles against then Akbar, the Mughal Emperor so great history and significance is attached to this place.
This city attracts a huge number of tourists from India and abroad. Almost every major global hotel has their chain here which showcases how famous this city is around the world.

Major tourist attractions of Udaipur are;
City Palace, Lake Pichola, Lake Palace, Vintage Car Museum, Bagore Ki Haveli, Saheliyon Ki Bari, Jagdish Temple
Jodhpur (The Blue City)
This city was founded in 1459 by a Rajput warrior ruler named Rao Jodha, so the name Jodhpur. Second largest city of Rajasthan after Jaipur, it is divided into two cities, old and new. Famous for grand forts and palaces, Jodhpur is also called ‘The Sun City’ as this city witness first ray of the sun in every morning. Sun seems to rise from the land itself.
Jodhpur becomes more powerful under the rule of Rao Maldeo during 1532 to 69, and forged an allegiance with the Mughals when Mughal emperor Akbar invaded the country.
One of the famous buildings in Jodhpur is the home of the Jodhpur Royal Family called UmaidBhawan Palace which also is a luxury hotel. Mehrangarh Fort is another architectural beauty which includes the Maharaja’s palace and historical museum. This fort is built on a remote rock from where the entire city can be viewed.Ruins of Mandor which was the ancient capital of Marwar can also be seen. It dates back to 4th century. An 18th-century wall surrounds dome portions of Jodhpur city.
Another very popular tourist destination among all, no one actually knows why many of the building in the city is colored in blue. One of the prominent theories is that when in 1459 the city was built, Rao Jodha ordered most of the houses to be colored blue. Andbecause of which the city becomes very picturesque and got the name ‘The Blue City’.
Major tourist attractions of Jodhpur are;
Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jaswant Thada, Mandore Gardens, Kailana Lake, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Fort, Clock Tower, Chamunda Mata Temple
Jaisalmer (The Golden City)
A beautiful city, a bit rustic though but never the less majestic, the city of Jaisalmer was founded in 1156 by Rawal Jaisal, a chief of the Rajputs. Jaisalmer itself was a state at one point of time but in 1949 joined the state of Rajasthan.
Not that grandeur like many other tourist destinations in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer has a mystic aura which is irreplaceable. The city is located inside the famous Thar Desert. Because of which the stones have a yellowish brown color on it.

• buildings of yellowish brownstone
• The fort, on a hill that overlooks the town, houses the royal palace, several ancient Jain temples, and a library called the GyanaBhandar (“Store of Knowledge”) contain old manuscript
• designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013
• Located inside the famous Thar Desert

Major tourist attractions of Jodhpur are;
Jaisalmer Fort, BadaBahg, Sam Sand Dunes, The Thar Heritage Museum, Gadisar Lake, nathmal Ki Haweli, Jain Temple, Salim Singh Ki Haveli, Kuldhara