Goa is a Famous Tourist Place & A Small State in India which is Very Famous for its Beaches

Goa is a Famous Tourist Place

Goa – A party place with beaches

Goa is a Famous Tourist Place & a Small State in India which is very famous for its beaches. It also has many worship places. A major touristdestination in India, it has plenty of hotels of various ranges for all types of tourist, from budget to luxury.

Location of Goa is onthe western coast of India. One western side of the Goa state,Arabian Sea is present, and so the beaches.The north-eastern border of Goa is with Maharashtra, andon the south is the state of Karnataka.

Goa was ruled for a very long time by the Portuguese. So a somewhat different way of living is present here which attracts western tourists. Also to foreigners, Goa is a cheaper and better destination than many places in the western country which are very costly.

Why so famous?

There are many reasons why Goa is so much famous. Yes, beaches may be the main reason but only beaches do not attract so many tourists. There are other reasons present as well.


Famous for its beaches, Goa’s main industry is tourism. Tourists mostly visit the coastal region. Majority of the tourists are from Europe and arrive in the winter season.In summer mostly Indian tourists frequent Goa.

Goa beachesspread over approx. 120 km’s are comparatively much cleaner than beaches in many other places. Anyone can come and relax here, remember the word ‘sunbath’!The environment and surrounding are always fresh here.

It somehow happened that beaches present in the north side of Goa are frequented by budget tourists. Southside beaches are frequented by rich tourists since luxury hotels and private beaches are present on this side.

Almost all the beaches are equipped with lifeguards.Also, there is no discrimination between Indian and foreign tourist. All can enjoy their holidays in the same place at the same time.

Some beaches like Anjuna, Palolem, Baga, Calangute, etc. are more popular than others,however, if pre-decided and pre-planned then you can enjoy anywhere.

Ideally, tourists visiting beaches prefer those places where sea foods and drinks are easily available. The above-mentionedbeaches got shacks selling those items.


Apart from beaches Goa also has several museums as below;

  1. The Naval Aviation Museum – This museum shows the growth and transformation of the Indian Naval Air Arm.
  2. Goa Science Center – A museum on science and astronomy
  3. Museum of Christian Art – Consists of artefact dating back to the 16th century
  4. Goa State Museum –This museum has art objects which have cultural importance and antiquities. Also, it showcases the Goan history and culture.

Ancestral Goa – This is an area, though small in size, where the depiction of Goan art, culture and how they used to leave is showed. A lot of sculptures was made on themes based on Goan living. In Ancestral Goa, Bigfoot cross museum is located which has the collection of crosses brought from all over the world.

Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival is celebrated in the month of February for four days. It was started by the Portuguese and is a very unique and colourful festival. It is the biggest festival here and displays the rich tradition and culture of Goa.

Water Sports

The benefit of beaches is that anyone can start their own business of water sports if that person has the knowledge and know-how of things. That is exactly what happened and now a lot of experts are presently providing good entertainment to you through water sports. Be it skiing, scuba diving, water scooter rides, etc. all major water sports are present in Goa beaches.

A place to party whole night

Many young visitors, who are also party lovers, throng this place because of the open-air nightclubs. All the young guns can be found in one place, dancing and enjoying the night. There are many nightclubs present providing wholehearted entertainment to the visitors. It is in such type of clubs one can really enjoy the nightlife culture of Goa.

Since Goa was under Portuguese for a considerable time period, a lot of attractive churches were built. These churches draw the attention of almost all the visitors. You can visit the churches or can attend the mass. Some famous churches in Goa are Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Bom Jesus Basilica, Church of St Cajetan, Se Cathedral.

How to Visit

People who are staying in areas near Mumbai and Pune will not find it much difficult to go to Goa. However, if you are staying in north or south India then you will have to purchase a train ticket a bit earlier. Frequent trains to Goa are not available.

If there is no train from your city to Goa then the better option will be to reach Pune or Mumbai. They are bigger cities and nearer to Goa. From there you can take a bus or a cab to Goa.