Gangtok City in Sikkim State

Gangtok City is The Capital State of Sikkim

Gangtok City is a beautiful picturesque city, a great tourist attraction and is the capital of the Sikkim state in India. Gangtok City is one of the best vacation destinations in Sikkim. Being situated in the hilly area, there are a lot of places around Gangtok City where one can go trekking.

The city of Gangtok City is a good cultural place. It is situated in Eastern Himalayan range in Sikkim and has diverse civilizations such as Indians, Nepalis, Lepchas, and Bhutias. Initially habituated by a very small community of people, however beginning of 21st century saw the addition of surrounding areas into Gangtok by Gangtok Municipal Corporation thereby significantly increasing the cities area and its population.

Friendly people, breath-taking landscape, and good cultural places made Gangtok City a refreshing holiday destination. This has increased the number of visitors each year, making Gangtok City the major place for the tourism industry of Sikkim.

Because of the hilly region, the place is called Gangtok City which means ‘hilltop’. Since plain surfaces are very rare to find in this geographical location so mostly the residential areas (buildings) are made on the slopes of the mountain.

Places Where One Can go And Enjoy

Nathu-La Pass – Until the border with Tibet (China) was closed in 1962, the Nathu-La Pass was the trade route for India and Tibet. This pass, however, was reopened in 2006.

Do-DrulChorten – In 1940 Tibetan Budhhists built this stupa, a dome-shaped building erected as a Buddhist Shrine, this gold-topped stupa is surrounded by 108 prayer wheels.

Rumtek Monastery – In 1959, RangjungRigpeDorje the 16th Karmapa decided to rebuild the Rumtek, which actually was built in the 1700s by 12th Karmapa ChangchubDorje since the site was surrounded by positive energy and characteristics like river and mountains. It took four years for the monastery to get completed. The sacred relics and items were brought from Tsurphu Monastery and are installed here. In 1966 the new seat was inaugurated and called ‘The DharmachakraCenter’, which means a place of education and spiritual achievement. It is the largest monastery in Sikkim.

Hanuman Tok – Tok means Temple in the local language and Hanuman Tok is a very famous Hanuman temple in Gangtok City. Situated in 7200 feet it is also famous for the tranquil surroundings and dreamlike view of the mighty Kanchenjunga mountain mo.

Tsomgo Lake – Surrounded by snow-covered mountains, Tsongmo Lake or Changu Lake is glacial lake which forms during summer when the snow melts and is situated in the East Sikkim district in the state of Sikkim. The Distance of the lake from Gangtok City is 40 Km. During the winter season, Tsomgo Lake mostly remains frozen. Sikkim people show great respect and Buddhist monks do prediction by looking at the changing colors on the lake surface. Guru Purnima or Raksha Bandhan festival is performed in the lake area where faith healers ‘Jhakris’ of Sikkim assemble to get healing benefits of the lake water. Tourists can enjoy by riding on decorated Yaks and Mules apart from consuming local foods and drinks.

MG Marg – Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Marg is the main local market area and is at the center of the city. If someone wants to go shopping, that person should come to this place.

Ranka Monastery – Located about 20 kilometers from Gangtok City, Ranka Monastery is one the most beautiful Monastery in Sikkim. It is also known as Lingdum Monastery. Though it is surrounded by many great scenic views however since it is new and without any historical background, so not much importance is given to it. And it remains a less visited place. Nevertheless one should still visit this place for the beauty of it. Those who visited this place were amazed by the peaceful atmosphere it provides.

TinkeyGonjang Monastery – Located 6 kilometers away from Gangtok City, Gonjang Monastery was established in 1981 and inside it, one can see the idols of Khen-lop Cho-Sum, the three founding fathers of Tibetan Buddhism in the 8th century. Also engraved are the statues of twenty-five disciples of Guru Padmasambhava called Je-Bang Nyer-Nga. It is one of the main tourist attractions within the range of Gangtok City.

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