Darjeeling Tourist Place in West Bengal

Darjeeling Tourist Place is situated in the state of West Bengal in India. This city is famous for teas and tea estates. Darjeeling tea is highly regarded in all parts of the world.

A previous summer camp for the British people to escape the hot weather in other parts of the country, now Darjeeling has turned out to be one the most sought after tourist destinations in India.

The city of Darjeeling is situated at 6,700 feet in the Darjeeling Himalayan hill region providing tourists with breath-taking panoramic views of Kangchenjunga Mountain, which is world’s 3rd highest mountain and India’s highest mountain peak, and if one is lucky on a particular day without clouds then the peak of Mount Everest can also be seen.

People from different cultural backgrounds are settled here such as Bengali, Nepali, Lepcha, Bhutia, and Tibetan’s. Old colonial style buildings and Churches make this place even better to visit and showcases the cultural diversity.

Darjeeling city is popular not only for the toy train or for the scenic views, which of course is present; this city also contains a botanical garden, a zoo and the Darjeeling-Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway cable car, the longest Asian cable car.

Places where one can go and really enjoy;

Darjeeling Himalayan Railways – DHR, also called the Toy Train, is a 2 feet narrow-gauge train whose construction took place between 1879 and 1881. It covers a distance of 88 kilometers between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling in West Bengal, India. Passengers in the train experience amazing sightseeing in the form of mountain views, local shops in villages as it climbs steep mountains overcoming unimaginable curves and slopes. The earlier speed of this train used to be so slow, that one could have enjoyed getting down and climbing up the running train easily. But now modern diesel engines are used and they are much powerful and therefore much faster. In 1999 DHR or Toy Train was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A relaxing and charming ride on this train is an opportunity no one would like to miss.

Tiger Hill – From Darjeeling, the distance of Tiger Hill is 13 kilometers and is famous for sunrise and sunset. In both the cases, one can see the peaks of Kanchenjunga getting illuminated by the sunrays. Splendid view of snow covered mountain amid clouds, natural beauty and fresh air attract tourists from across the country which offers them a fresh understanding of life.

Japanese Peace Pagoda – The Peace Pagoda (a Buddhist temple in the form of a many-tiered tower, size varies) was built under the guidance of Japanese Monk NichidatsuFujii. It is white in color and one can visit it during daily prayers.

Rock Garden – Also commonly known as Barbotey Garden it is located 10 kilometers from Darjeeling. As the name suggests, most of the things are made by cutting rocks, like the benches in the garden. Gorgeous flower beds and waterfall make this garden a good option to view.

Monasteries in Darjeeling – Though there are some monasteries present in Darjeeling and has their own relevance keeping one thing in common which is peace, few stands out. Ghoom Monastery also called Sakya Monastery has a Maitreya Buddha which is 15 feet tall. One of the oldest Monasteries in Darjeeling city is the Magnificent Aloobari Gompa. It is situated in a place famous for sightseeing. Shopping can also be done as local stalls are present outside the Monastery. Most scenic Monasteries, however, is the Bhutia Busty Gompa situated one kilometer outside Darjeeling as it was built on top of an observatory hill but later shifted to its present location.

Singalila National Park – Situated 7000 feet above sea level and spread over 78 square kilometers, Singalila National Park, which is full of flora and fauna and famous for providing breathtaking views of the Himalayan peak, is a real paradise for those who are interested in trekking and for adventure lovers. Initially, it was a wildlife sanctuary, which was later converted into National Park. The park also consists of various types of plants, rare animal species and approximately 130 species of birds.


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