An Ancient City of Maharashtra, Kolhapur City

Kolhapur City
Kolhapur City

An Ancient City of Maharashtra, Kolhapur City

An Ancient city of Maharashtra, Kolhapur City was earlier the assets of great Maratha reign which was lined by Bhosle Royal Community. Kolhapur is known for its footwear Spices and ornaments. As Kolhapur is situated near Mumbai and Pune it is a perfect location for the Mumbaikar’s and Punekar’s to plan their perfect tour.

From many years, Mahalakshmi Temple is the most visited place by the tourist. It is Dedicated to the Goddess Ambabai aka Mahalaxmi one the Sacred Hindu Goddess. During the Empire of Chalukyas, in 7th century, it was built. The walls of the temple are beautifully sculptured and engraved. One will be mesmerized with its beauty. This is the must visit place.

Another place you can visit in this Historic city is Rankala Lake, being one the most ancient lake of the Maharashtra State it attracts many tourists with its pleasant and beautiful view and environment. It was constructed under the reign of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj which makes it a must to be on your list.

Shree Chatrapati Sahu Museum is also known as Palace museum. Chatrapati Sahu Maharaj used to live here now the ground floor is converted into the museum which shows ancient artifacts, precious gems, weapons and beautiful portraits. This museum will give you the experience of the royal living which was once lived by the King.

Jyotiba temple is one of the beautiful temple which is situated around 21km near Ratnagri village. It is dedicated to the Jyotiba an avatar of the God Siva. As the token of sincerity the gulal is offered to Jyotiba. It is believed or said that one must visit this temple after completing the Darshan of Mahalaxmi Temple.

Situated in the Deccan region Panhala Fort is situated around 20km from the main city lies in the Sahyadri Mountain Range. The entrance is protected by the three wonderful double-walled gates. A big Ambarkhana is built inside the fort which was used to store a large amount of grains.

As Kolhapur is known for its non-veg-dishes, your tour will be incomplete without the famous Kolhapuri mutton/Chicken with Tambda-Pandhra Rassa. The mutton or chicken is served with the Tambda Rassa i.e. Red curry & Pandhra Rassa i.e. White curry along with Bhaakri (it is a Jowar made Indian bread).

One more famous dish to try in Kolhapur is a Kolhapuri Akkha Masoor. It is a popular street food around there. It is a traditional dish served along with a roti.

Some other dishes to try in Kolhapur are Kolhapuri Misal, Sugarcane juice, Kolhapuri Vada pav & ofcourse the Bhel.


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