Snake Island – A No Man’s Land

Snake Island – A No Man’s Land

There is a place in this world which in true sense can be said as no man’s land. As per legends, once a fisherman went near that place but he was found dead after a few days on his boat. It actually is an Island full of very poisonous snake.

Name of this Island is Ilha da Queimada Grande or more famously as the Snake Island situated in Brazil. No one is allowed near this island. In fact, no locals will dare to take any visitors anywhere near that place.

The Snake Island is situated about 25 miles off the coast of Brazil. The place is so poisonous that Brazil government has made it illegal for anyone to visit Snake Island.

What makes Snake Island such a dangerous place on earth is the golden Lance head Snakes. It is one of the deadliest pit viper serpents in the world and one bite can kill a human within an hour. It can grow over a foot and a half long. Approx. numbers of snakes present on this island is very difficult to tell.

Legends of the snake island

It is not that the Snake Island was never uninhabited. People used to live there. But then what happened is very difficult to tell.

A lot of stories are in the air. As per legend, a lighthouse keeper and his entire family were killed by the snakes.

Another is that the snakes were actually placed in that island by the pirates who buried their treasures and wanted to protect it.

But where did they come from?

Thousands of years ago, the snake island used to be a lower part of Brazil’s mainland. However, the rise of sea level separated it, making it an island. The animals which got separated evolved in many ways and so does the snakes.

The island is partly a rainforest. They adapted to the new environment and increased in population. Since only birds to hunt, they gradually evolved into a venomous snake, which gave them the edge and the ability to kill the birds quickly.

Though snake bite is common in Brazil, the fatality rate is very less since the poisonous snakes got separated in the isolated island.

Though it is hard to imagine anyone visiting this island however new findings showed that the same venom is also useful in the treatment of certain heart-related issues. This increased the demand for golden Lance head snakes poison in the black market. Since a lot of money is involved, people in black marketing started frequenting the snake island, risking their lives.

It is always better to leave nature as it is and here also nature has created the island. The animals, now only vipers, have evolved into venomous snakes. We should respect that let them be what they are. More hunting for their venom and capturing and bringing them to the mainland will only make matters unnecessarily complicated.