North Sentinel Island – A Place Where Civilization Means Death

In today’s civilized world, where everyone and everything is attached to the technology and no place remains untouched, a place does exist in this world where even army thinks twice to go. A place shrouded with mysteries.

Yes, this place is the North Sentinel Island, situated in the Bay of Bengal and is part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The people or tribe who reside in this area is called Sentinelese.

Sentinelese tribe is the planet’s most isolated and least developed community. They typical uses metal bows and arrows, darts and stones for hunting. Un-contacted with the outer world, they prefer to stay hidden inside the dense jungles and swamp areas. That is why they are also called the isolated or lost tribe of the world.

Very ferocious, as if they do not know what fear is, they guard their territory very aggressively. It is said that they have killed people who ventured into their territory, either knowingly or unknowingly. And that is why this Island is administered by the Indian Government. The North Sentinel Island is situated near Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Island.

The Significance of Un-contacted Peoples

It is not that people from outside didn’t communicate with them. There were certain people, though minuscule in numbers. It is just that the tribe, either consciously or because of circumstances, remain that way.

We might find it very odd but for them, that is the way of life and they are living it. However, the fact is that they were never introduced to the greater civilization. And they also didn’t tempt to venture outside. Thus a gap always remains. A gap seems for thousands of years.

A Fearful Place

As per documented reports maintained by Arab & Persian, they were avid travellers and storytellers; the Andaman Islands were inhabited by cannibals, who attack the travellers who visited this island. And in later parts, explorers from India and European countries declared this island to be avoided for habitation.

However, with the British Colonial showing their presence in this part, things started to change a bit. The first colony was set in the seventeenth century on Great Andaman. Slowly, this local tribe started showing some interest in the outside world, though they mostly remain reclusive. However, in 1997, the first tribal came into contact with the Indian Government and was called ‘Jarawas’.

But Who Are the Sentinelese

The people of North Sentinel Island are probably related to other indigenous groups of the Andaman Islands like the “Onge” and the “Jarawas” and are called “Sentinelese”.

They are generally classified as Negros, connected to the group of peoples of the regions in South East Asia, who exhibit physical characteristics more commonly found in Africans, such as very dark skin tone and peppercorn hair.

However, the Sentinelese themselves appear to be taller or average than other Andaman people. Because of unknown circumstances, this Sentinelese people had been isolated for quite a long time from other Andaman groups, and so, the Andaman’s people can’t understand their language.

They are Hunter’s

The people of North Sentinel Island are basically hunters. There are no signs of agriculture on this island. They survive on fruits and tubers that grow plentiful on the island. They also gather or hunt Seagulls eggs, birds, turtles and wild pigs. They carry handmade hunting weapons like bows and arrows and knives. This tools & weapons are said to be tipped with iron metal.

The population of “Sentinelese” is estimated to be around 250, approximately. This number may have affected after the biggest natural disaster Tsunami took place in this region in 2004.

Sentinel Island, a forbidden island

Recently, the killing of John Allen Chau by Sentinelese was in the news which shook the world. In the past also, this Sentinelese tribes had killed two fishermen, who had entered into their area for fishing, and their bodies were seen to be impaled with arrows.

The Indian government looking to the violent behaviour of Sentinelese has declared to leave them alone. They also forbade outsiders to make any sort of contacts with the Sentinelese and to try to access to North Sentinel Island.

North Sentinel Island is one of the most mysterious places in this world which truly is still untouched by the outside world in every sense. Though this island is closed, one can visit other parts of the Andaman and Nicobar Island and get a feeling of the reality, closely.

A feeling, that there exists a place where time has really stopped running.