Lord Shree Varadvinayak Ganpati Temple, Mahad

Shri Varadvinayak temple, mahad
Shri Varadvinayak temple, mahad


As per  Hindu custom  worship of Ganesha is very important, just before going for  any important work one worship Ganesha. In Maharashtra among the famous Ashtavinayak temples of the Hindus, one is “Varadvinayak”, the another name is “Varadavinayaka” of lord Ganesha.

It is situated in a small village called Mahad come into Khalapur taluka of Raigad District, of Maharashtra, India. The temple of “Varadvinayak “ was constructed in 1725AD.

This place is near to lonavala of Pune district..


That the Bhima of Koudinyapur was a childless king, his wife and he met the sage called Vishwamitra in forest for penance. The king Bhima and his wife were given one mantra to chant and soon they were blessed with a son ,who was named as prince Rukmaganda was born.

One day, Rukmaganda went to jungle for hunting trip and took a break at  the place of Rishi Vachaknavi. The wife of Rishi after looking to the handsome prince Rukmaganda, she fell in love at first sight and approached the prince to fulfill her desires. However the prince Rukmaganda  instantly refused to fulfill her interest  and went away. Looking to the condition of Rishi’s wife Mukunda  falling in love with the prince Rukmaganda.  King Indra took the form of prince  Rukmaganda and fulfilled the desire of wife of Rishi and soon Rishi’s wife became pregnant and gave birth to a son called Gritsamada.

Gritsamada after knowing the truth of his is birth, he cursed his mother to become a plant of thorny berry-bearing called “Bhor” plant. Simultaneously his mother also in turn cursed his son to blessed with a rakshas (demon) from him.

However Indira narrated the truth to both, that “Gritsamada” is his son , lthough they were worried about the curse,  given to each other , but as curses cannot be taken back , Gritsamada was ashmed and in guilty went to the forest and prayed to lord Ganesha(Ganapati).Lord Ganesha was happy  by Gritsamada’s prayer  and blessed him that he will be  blessed with a son who would be very strong and cannot be defeated by anyone in the universe except  lord Shiva.

Thus, Gritsamada prayed to  lord Ganesh to stay permanently in the forest known as Bhadraka. and installed Ganesha Idol there and  built a temple is called Varadavinayaka.

It is said that if the coconut received as prasad during Maghi Chaturthi is consumed, one will be blessed with a son. Hence the temple is especially full with devotees during Maghi Utsav.

About the  temple

The idol of this temple  is self-originated  which is said to be found in the bank of  in  Bhadraka forest  in 1690 AD. Speciality about this idol of Ganesha is that the trunk is towards  the left side which is very unique. This Ashta Vinayak Temple is visited by the devotees throughout the year specially during the  festivals of  Magha Chaturth.


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