The Story of A Single Mother

A single mom

Nowadays, people are very much obsessed with celebration of ‘so called days’. But do we really mean exact importance of those days. today’s story is about one of such mother who returned empty handed from her son’s home despite of all her love and care she has given to him.

The story is about family of Aabha, as per Indian tradition she get married to very handsome and brilliant officer Avinash from a well-known family and then blessed with two girls named Riya and Sayali  and was expecting her third child. Everything was fine until one day when Aabha got a horrible news that Avinash is no more as he met with an accident. After two months she blessed with baby boy eventually he became reason to smile for her, she named him as Amar.With passing time she started to become very tough and strong, her only aim was to complete all dreams for her children which she saw with Avinash. she took a training for nursing and started doing job as a nurse after completion of course, Riya and Sayali wanted to become a Doctor and Amar always wanted to pursue engineering Aabha was good at managing whole things, being a single mother she was always trying to do all her duties in all possible ways.

After one and half decade Riya and Sayali completed their studies in medical and got married to very good families. One fine day Amar got ready for marriage and everyone started looking a suitable bride for him, everyone was happy and excited for him as he was most pampered little kid of home, eventually one girl came into the eye of whole family and Amar as well, marriage date got fixed and finally all children of Aabha got into settled life, that day she was sitting alone in balcony thinking about her journey, tears were rolling down through her corner of eye reminding her troubles. now she was relax ….. but time has to show many more to her.

Amar wanted to live with his mom but his wife Meera wasn’t ready at all. she wanted to live alone, she wanted whole property , money and all things which Aabha have earned for her three children. Meera never wanted to collaborate with family, money was her only need. With passing time Amar started loosing all he got, due to frustration, he started loosing his command on health , he got degraded from his job. One day he collapsed in his office and his colleagues admitted him to the hospital, Dr says that his both kidneys got fail and if he want his life back then kidney transmission is necessary. Now Meera started begging to Aabha , Riya and Sayali. Aabha was ready for kidney transplantation but her age denied to that. Dr doesn’t allowed. Riya and Sayali collected some money but their husband wasn’t ready for transplantation. Finally Meera donated her kidney and after successful operation she diverted whole matter that nobody was ready to give money and no one was ready for kidney transplantation , she never shown up a help which she got from whole family. Apparently, Amar believed Meera.

One day when Aabha and Riya came to see Amar at his home, Amar looking at both of them in door asked a question “why you people are here” turned back and went to his room not even asked to sit them, Meera was watching through her window and smiling to the core… that how she wins a game… That day Aabha returned by loosing all her faith and all her hopes … all her beliefs and her strength.