Monsoon Season – Enjoy But With A Little Precaution

Monsoon Season
Monsoon Season

Monsoon season’s arrival brings with it, much relief to the harsh heat and sweat of the summer. Rain spreads lush greenery all around and flower blossoms.

Cloudy sky is a marvel to watch during monsoon season and when it pours, it becomes impossible to stay in-door. Nature looks very beautiful and one cannot stop inhaling the smell of wet soil.

Monsoon, if it gives us relief from hot weather, it also increases the chance for one to get ill easily, mostly from water borne diseases. Some diseases are already present but get activated during monsoon season.

This happens because of sudden change in temperature, type of foods consumed and especially from water contamination. Deadlier are the mosquitoes which breed in stagnated water.

Filthy conditions allow insects to multiply and spread various diseases like common cold, stomach upset, viral fever and life threatening diseases like dengue, malaria and typhoid, to name a few.

To prevent from getting ill and to enjoy the monsoon season to the fullest, some very basic precautions are required to be taken. These are nothing new. But since no one cares to follow them, illness happens.

  1. Always drink clean water. Unfortunately water purifier has become a must now-a-days and everyone got addicted to its water. If ill or immune system is low then preferred boiling water. Take Vitamin C to increase immune system.
  2. Always carry your own clean drinking water, whatever the season may be. Make this a habit; this will make sure you do not drink outside water. Drinking enough water is very essential to remain hydrate.
  3. Avoid getting wet in the rain. In todays polluted environment always carry a raincoat or umbrella with you. To satisfy one’s soul, yes may be once or twice, but otherwise avoid getting wet in rain.
  4. If become wet, immediately remove the wet cloths, socks and shoes, and in this condition always avoid AC whether in home or in office. Always carry extra pair of cloths and a small towel to dry the hair because through head one catches cold very quickly.
  5. Avoid eating foods outside, especially from road side stalls. Try to avoid eating foods like Pani-Poori, foods which contain water whose source you don’t know. Avoid any type of preparations made of ice. Again we do not know the source.
  6. Properly wash vegetables and fruits, if required two times, before consuming it. If possible, avoid salads outside home.
  7. If possible wear full sleeved shirts and trousers in home and outside. This is to make sure that harmful insects do not easily byte you.
  8. Very important – make sure less mosquitos are present in your house and in office. There are many repellents present in the market which will prevent mosquitoes to venture in your house or work area. Also carry and use mosquito repellent whenever required.
  9. Always take bath after coming back home or got wet in the rain, this will cleanse the body and regularise the body temperature.
  10. Eye infection is very common during rainy season. Avoid touching eyes with unclean hands. If infection found consult a doctor immediately. Use tissue papers to clean the eye and then throw the paper in a dustbin. Avoid using those towels which are used by others, like basin towel.
  11. Drink warm water and honey, this will keep the body warm and will avoid cold and cough. Herbal tea is a good option.

Almost all, staying in big or small cities, welcome monsoon season because it replaces the summer heat with a more pleasant and bearable weather.

While farmers in villages wait for the monsoon season so that there farmland can get plenty of water and farming flourishes resulting in more profit for them.

For all, precaution is the only way through which one can remain healthy during monsoon season and to that matter in any season. Monsoon season is a very beautiful period and everyone should enjoy it wholeheartedly without getting ill.