Few Benefits of Healthy Sex

Few Benefits of Healthy Sex

As per sex researchers and medical science it is analysed as under:

  1. It keeps you fit and boost your immune system.

As per research it is proved that having a sex twice a week can keep you healthy and make you fall less sick compared to normal living. Thus few things is necessary along with only good sex, they are Right diet at right time,  Vaccination, Exercise and Use of precautions while having sex to stay away from any diseases specially partners who are not aware of each other’s diseases STD’s statues.

  1. Improve your sex desire 

There is wrong understanding that having regular sex is a bad practice perhaps one can have frequent sex as per your desires. Sex help to crave you to do it more. It also helps woman with her vaginal related problems and definitely makes body flexible and fit.

  1. Helps woman bladder related issues 

Regular sex strength woman’s pelvic area and gives a good workout to women.  Orgasm in women at the time of sex can improve all bladder related issues.

  1. Good medicine for severe body and headache 

A good sex between partners with orgasm can control your body ache and headache problem and boast immune system.  In research it is proved that having sex releases hormones which controls your all body pain and sooth your body.

  1. Sex as Exercise 

It is good exercise which is as good as workout at gym and walking on treadmill. Having good sex on regular basis can burn your calories in good number as per study by sexologist. It pumps up your heart bits and maintain your blood rotation in your blood vessels.

  1. Gives good sound sleep 

It is proved that after having sex and orgasms one get a complete relaxing feeling and have good sleep. And such soothing feeling release all stress in body and mind.

  1. Benefit to get rid of Prostate related problems like prostate cancers

Men’s as per research general ejaculate 21 times in a month, therefore having regular sex with orgasm can reduce such problem of prostate related problems.

  1. Lower the risk of heart related problems 

As per study Men’s are more prone to heart attacks. Therefore having regular sex can reduce this problem.

  1. Good for skin and beauty (control ageing issue)

A good source of natural process which helps to look young and help to get rid of stress and improve your moods. By this natural process one not only develop a good relationship with partner but also be part of such natural benefits.

  1. Depression control 

Kissing a partner while having sex can help in releasing hormones that is responsible for such beautiful experience with magical powers of natural process to get rid of body and mind issues.

Thus it is recommended by researchers, to have a healthy sex that will result into many health benefits.  Sex is a boon by nature and should not be treated as bane of life. Good sex is a key to healthy body and mind for long life. Have a healthy and safe sex.