Coronavirus which is named COVID-19 by WHO is spreading everywhere, be it human beings or economy.

It is affecting human health and life. People suddenly started losing their near and dear ones.

It is also affecting world economy. The fear of community spread pushed the governments across the globe to go for a lockdown, thus halting all types of economic activities, rendering millions of people jobless.

And, it seems, the situation will not improve very soon. Yes, all medical, financial and government institutions (and NGO’s) across the globe are doing their best but on an individual level what necessary steps are we taking.

Now, some of us may say that they are participation in feeding poor people, helping others financially, even feeding animals, and many more. Well, these are good deeds which many of us are doing.

But what are the steps, as an individual, we are taking to stop the spreading of this COVID-19 virus? Will the lockdown alone will avoid spreading of the coronavirus?

Well, if anyone is thinking yes, then think again.

Here, we will mention ten most important points which, if followed will help us avoid getting infected and will also stop us from spreading it unknowingly.

1) Mask – We should always wear a standard mask when going out. Also, always wash mask after use and replace it from time to time. These will avoid the spread of the coronavirus outside as well as inside the house. Two types of masks are there; 1) Medical Masks – For health workers, patients and those caring for the patients. 2) Good quality fabric mask (Non-Medical) – For the common people, however, there are questions on its effectiveness. And that is why Masks alone are not sufficient.

2) Maintain Distance – Maintaining a physical distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet) from others is advisable, more the distance, better. Chances of the coronavirus reaching us (through our nose when we breath in) will reduce if the other person sneezes or coughs, which may contain the virus.

3) Avoid Crowded Places -We should completely avoid going to crowded places. If we do then chance of us getting in touch with an infected patient increases since maintaining one-meter distance never happen.

4) Sanitize Our Hands – Frequently clean our hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizers, this will kill the virus attached to your hands.

5) Avoid Touching Face – Our hands might have touched a surface where the virus was present and if without cleaning those hands, we touch our face, then through mouth, nose, eyes, it will enter our body infecting us. So, make sure to avoid touching face – especially the mouth, moustache, beard, nose, eyes and mask without cleaning or washing hands properly.

6) Proper Hand Wash – Always wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. Also, wash the feet. Clean, the below surface of the shoes or sleepers we were wearing. One never knows where the virus is attached.

7) Maintain Good Hygiene – Whenever we are sneezing or coughing, we should cover mouth and nose with our bent elbow or use tissue paper because the droplets from our mouth and nose can spread the infection. Throw the tissue paper in the dustbin and wash hands properly to avoid spreading it.

8) Always Clean Brought Materials – As per the type of materials, clean them before bringing them inside the house or using them. Sanitize the packets containing grocery items from outside. In case of vegetables and fruits, wash them thoroughly with clean water. Daily wash cloths. Cleanliness is the new norm now.

9) Self-Isolate – If not well and have a fever, caught cold, got a headache, then stay home and self-isolate oneself. One never knows what type of infection he or she is carrying. Also, if having difficulty breathing, seek medical help quickly. Call administration nearest and take advice. Quicker action from our side and from administrations side will avoid the spread of the infection. It is always better to take precautions.

10) Stay at Home – The most difficult of any tasks, stay at home. Unnecessarily, do not venture out. Roaming here and there, those days are over, at least for now. And to stay inside, build a hobby, learn some new skills which can be beneficial later on.

The main focus should be – not only to spread it outside but also not to bring it inside our home.

Many people compare the coronavirus with any other flue forgetting that it has taken many lives in a short period.

So, remain optimistic and take precautions rather than wait for a cure, which no one knows will happen or not.