Lord Shree Vigneshwara Ganpati Temple of Ozar

Vigneshwara Ganpati Temple

Lord Shree Vigneshwara Ganpati Temple of is one of the eight revered shrines, also known as “Ashtavinayak Temples” located in Maharashtra. This temple is located in a small village of Pune district called Ozar. Ganesh Chathurti is the major festival of this village called Ozar.


As per mythology, the word Vignahara means “remover of obstacles” as Ganesha defeated the demon of obstacles called “Vignesura”. It is built during the reign of Peshwa.

As per Puranas, the story goes that, once a king named Abhinandana, during the performance of sacrifice, missed out on an offering to Lord Vishnu. To this Lord Vishnu became very angry. He directs Yama to create a lot of disturbance and obstacle in all the good deeds in the universe.

Looking to such havocs and destructions, all the Sages and God’s together, went to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva for solutions. After listening to the situation, Lord Shiva advised them to place their difficulties in front ofGanesh.

Lord Ganesha, after listening to them decided to help. He then had a battle with the demon that was creating disturbances in the universe and defeated the demon. And thus Lord Ganesha also came to be known as Vigneshwara, remover of an obstacle.

The Temple

The idol of Ganesha in this temple is called Vignahara and is accompanied by his two wife’s called Riddhi and Siddhi. The outer dome of the temple is beautifully designed and is painted in multiple colours.

Inside the temple premises, Dipmala’sare present (pillar on which arrangement are made to place oil lamps or diya’s) and once all are lit, it looks really divine.

Lord Vignahara Ganesh faces east and its trunk is turned towards left.

Travel to Vigneshwara Temple

Ozar place is 85 km from Pune city and 8 km from Junnar. If you are staying away from Pune, then first reach Pune by bus, train or air. All means of road transport are available from Pune to Ozar.