Shree Mahaganapati Temple of Ranjangaon

Mahaganapati Temple of Ranjangaon
Mahaganapati Temple of Ranjangaon


Mahaganapati Temple

“Mahaganapati”, Ganesha the Great, out of thirty two form of Ganesha Mahaganpati is most popular one. Among the Eight Ashtavinayak Ganapati temples of Maharashtra one is Mahaganapati, located at Ranjangaon of Shirur taluka ,50 kms from Pune city. This village has its own significance as it is considered that lord Shiva himself invoked lord Ganesha and got  blessing to kill the famous demon Tripurasur here in Ranjangaon. The small town known as Manipur is surrounded by this village of Ranjangaon.


It is said that the temple was Mahaganapati gifted by a Rajangaon  based goldsmith family known as “Khollam ”. This temple is built between 9th to 10th Century. This temple is said to be built by Shri Madhavrao Peshwa. The idol of Mahaganpati is facing towards the east and is seated in posture of  cross-legged and in his two side there is idol of his wife named  Ridhi & Sidhi.


According to local villagers of Ranjangaon , Mahaganapati the son of lord shiva had helped him to fight the famous demon “Tripurasura”.  Tripurasur was the son of Sage named Gritsamad. Tripurasur worshiped lord Ganesha and impressed by his worship lord Ganesha blessed him to be  the most powerful person of world who cannot be destroyed by anyone in the universe except by Lord Shiva he could only be destroyed by Lord Shiva and then only he would attain the salvation.  Due to this boon Tripurasura felt very proud and created havoc in the entire world. Looking to this scenario all Gods together went to lord Shiva to rescue them from the havoc of this demon named Tripurasura. Lord shiva went to fight with this demon but before starting the battle with the demon lord shiva forgot to show respect to his son and thus it put hurdle in the battle. When lord Shiva realized his fault, he immediately paid his respects to his son Mahaganpati  and then finally lord shiva was successful in defeating the powerful demon called Tripurasur.

About deity

Out of eight Ashtavinayak temple visited by devotees this Mahaganpati is very important, throughout the year there is crowed. As per villagers this idol being very powerful no villagers would like to worship the idol separately at home, rather all the villagers like to come together to this temple specially during the festival of Ganesh Chathurti.  It is seen on the occasion of Ganesh puja when in other parts of Maharashtra everyone brings idol at home and worship but here in Ranjangaon they believe to visit  the temple itself.

Travel to  Ranjangaon

By Road – Any of the road transport, it is on Pune to Nagpur highway. Koregaon & Shikrapur

Towns between Pune and Ranjangaon .

Train – Pune-Daund railway route.

Recommended State Transport public bus, it starts from Shivaji Nagar in Pune.

Timing of temple visit is 5.30a.m. to 10p.m

Festival season

There is 6 day festival celebrated in the month of Bhadrapad, and Mahaprasad  is served to the temple deity. As per villagers during this festival, the deity of temple is decorated with flowers and deity is also taken around the village area in palanquin (palkhi). Huge crowd is seen during the festival season.