Maa Mahagauri is The Eighth Form of Goddess Maa Durga

Maa Mahagauri is The Eighth Form of Goddess Maa Durga

Navadurga or Navaratri the holly festival celebrated in the honor of the Maa Durga. The Nine forms of Maa Durga, the nine manifestations of Maa Durga is worshipped in Hinduism. This festival especially comes in the holy month of September/ October were all the devotees worshipped the nine manifested forms, during these nine days and nights. The manifested forms of Maa Durga is also known as Gauri or Parvati and known by nine other names such as 1. Maa Shailaputri, 2. Maa Brahmacharini, 3.Maa Chandraghanta, 4.Maa Kushmanda, 5. Maa Skandamata, 6.Maa Katyayini , 7.Maa Kaalratri , 8.Maa Mahagauri & 9. Maa Siddhidhatri.

Mahagauri –

Mahagauri is the eighth form of Maa Durga worshipped by devotees on the eighth day of this auspicious festival Navaratri. Mahagauri name means bright, known for her brilliant beauty, which reflects from her entire body and appearance. It is believed by Hindus that by worshipping Maa Mahagauri, will protect one from all evils and will erase all sins done by human’s in their  past, present, and in  future and will bring salvation and peace in one’s life. This  manifestations of Maa Durga is seen or appeared in image as wearing fully white attire , having four limbs, and seating on a big bull, this animal called bull is said to be very scary by nature in Hinduism, Maa Mahagauri seen with this animal symbolize the Goddess of power. She appeared as holding a trident in her right limb and the upper left limb holding a small tambourine or drum and the other one is showering blessings to the devotees..

Celebration –

Devotees all over India and world especially Hindus celebrate this grand festival with full religious enthusiasm and joy. In the state of Gujarat and Maharashtra girls and boys and even adult couples play Garba, dandiya a dance form were all dances in a group in the Honor of Maa durga. This dance form called Garba, continues for nine nights, there is also Jagarans/ bhajans (God songs) at many pandals. This festival of Maa durga is celebrated as common worship at one common place called Sarvajanik puja means common worship by devotees. All temples of Durga is seen to be fully engage by devotees. Many go for nine days fast and quite non-veg and eat pure veg and only one time meals. However, in west Bengal the scene is bit different the celebrate this festival as grand get together of family, friends and all near and dear one. In day time Bengalis offer puja’s keep fasting and only after Pushpanjali eat a special dish called Khichudi Bhog (made up of rice, dal and mix vegetable) this is pure vegetarian food. This festival is very special for everyone.  Maa Mahagauri is one of the prominent forms among the eight other, worshipping Mahagauri with devotional, fulfills every wish.