Maa Kalaratri (Maa Kali) is The Seventh Form of Goddess Maa Durga

Maa Kalratri
Maa Kalaratri

Maa Kalaratri (Maa Kali) is The Seventh Form of Goddess Maa Durga


Navaratri is the auspicious holly festival of Maa durga. Festival of Maa durga is worshipped with full religious enthusiasm and joy.  For Hindus, deity of Maa Durga is very special, she is symbol of Shakti (power) she is worshipped by devotees in these  nine different forms, each forms  represents her uniqueness and have some legends behind her appearance.  These nine forms together are called Navadurga (nine Durgas).

Navadurga or Durga puja is considered to be one of the bigest festival for Hindus, it falls in the month of September / October, depending on lunisolar calendar. The manifestations of mother goddess in Hindus believe ​to be very spiritual and worshiping Maa Durga with full religious passionate said to bring divine happiness and prosperity.

KALARATRI ( Maa Kali)-

The word kalaratri is means black (kala in Hindi ). Kalaratri is worshipped  in the honour first creation before light itself.  In the Vedic script it is considered that during the destruction  of the universe, time of darkness (Kala) which prey  on the universe to wash away the demons power and to kill the evils everywhere . This form of Maa Kali was created by her spouse called Shiva so it called Kala , Kali . Due to  destructive mission the whole universe was shaken, which was stopped by her spouse, lord Shiva.


The deity of Maa Kali appeared to be very frightening to any ordinary individuals she  is also known as Maa Shubhamkari which  means ” good.”  One who kills the evil of darkness and bring good. Maa Kalaratri color is a dark complexion, long hair, with four arms, and having three eyes. Wearing a necklace of dmons skulls  and drinking blood and  shoots  fire from mouth she is the worshipped to destroys evil in everyone’s life and considered to be the protector of devotees. Out of four limbs in one she holds a vajra, , and in another  a dagger, to fight with the forces of evils  and in one holding the skulls of demon. And ultimately she appeared to shower her blessings to her devotees to remain their protector throughout the life.