Maa Chandraghanta is the Third Form of Godess “Navdurga”


Maa Chandraghanta is The Third Form of Godess “Navdurga”

Navratri worship of Navdurga the nine forms of Goddess Durga. As per veda Hindus believe goddess Durgato be very special deity, who appear in nine different forms on this auspicious festival of navdurga., each forms signify its  uniqueness which come with traits and power (Shakti). Thus it togethersymbolize the nine manifestations called Navadurga(“nine Durgas”).

Devout Hindus celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and religious devotions to Goddess Durga and during a nine-night festival called Navaratri during this festival many cultural activities are conducted like playing Garbas or dandia in Maharashtra and Gujarat.This  is a common celebration Called Sarvajanik pujas held in each locality. It come in late September October, as it depend upon Hindu lunisolar calendar. Mother goddess is honored for its’ manifestations in each night of Navaratri. Hindus believe ​that worshiping Durga with divine spirit and full of religious enthusiasm brings happiness and prosperity.


The third form of Maadurga among navadurga is Chandraghanta, manifestation of this form  represents peace,  prosperity and happiness in life. This name of Maadurgaderived from the name chandra (half-moon) which appear in forehead and Ghanta is a shape of bell (ghanta). Chandraghanta this image appear in a beautiful golden bright complexion, seating on a lionwith  multiple limbseach holding a weapons, and having (thri-nayan)  three eyes representing to be ever-vigilant and alert in the form of a soldier  to fight against evil to attack from whatever direction. Devotees worship Maa Chandraghanta for strength, power and calmness in life.