Maa Brahmacharini Worshipped Goddess

Maa Brahmacharini worshipped


“Maa Brahmacharini” Navratras is only dedicated to Goddess Durga and worshipped Goddess in her 9 forms  (avatars) during these nine days, this nine forms signifies to worship Maa (Mother) durga as the symbol of  power (Shakti).  The word ‘Navratri’ Sanskrit meaning  ‘nine nights’. In India Hindus celebrate this festival of Navratri with full devotions and enthusiasm. During this festival many of Hindus prefer fasting for nine nights and offer puja’s to Maa durga with calmness and meditative method. Legend is, navratri is celebrated in the honor of Maa durga for victory on demon and in this auspicious month Goddess Durga descended from the heaven only to bless her beloved devotees for peace, power and prosperity.


Hindu worship Maa Brahmacharini on the Second day of Navaratri, these name signify Purity (one who practices devout austerity).  As per veda this form of Maa durga said to enlightens the devotees the magnificent appearance of Durga who shower the divine grace to the devotees and blessed with great powers. The image of Goddess Brahmacharini is in the form of holding a a string of beads in her right hand representing the devotional appearance, and in her left hand a water utensil which symbolizing the marital bliss. As per Hindus worship of Goddess Brahmacharini, brings grace , peace , luck and happiness, to all devotees who worshipping this form of Maa duraga during the auspicious occasion of navratri and further the devotees pray to this magnificent form of lord only to get Moksha( salvation ).


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