Lord Ballaleshwar Temple Pali

Lord Ballaleshwar Temple Pali
Lord Ballaleshwar Temple Pali

Lord Ballaleshwar Temple Pali

To complete the pilgrimage of Lord Ganesha one has to visit and pay obeisance to eight Ganesha Temples. Ballaleshwar Temple is one of the eight temples.

Ballaleshwar Temple is situated in Pali village between river Amba and fort Sarasgadand is approx. 55 km’s away from Karjat in Raigad district.

Ballaleshwar Temple is named after his devote Ballal.

The Story

In Pali village lived Kalyan and his wife Indumati. Their son Ballal and other children used to play with stones considering them as stone sculptures of deity. It so happened that while playing they ventured out of the village boundary and noticed a large stone. On Ballal’s suggestion, they started worshipping that stone as Lord Ganesha.

In the meantime parents of those children became worried and complained to Kalyan about his son Ballal and his devotion toward Ganesha. In anger, Kalyan searched out his son, beat him mercilessly and then destroyed the stone.

Despite all this Ballal kept chanting Ganesha’s name. Left alone, Ballal prayed to Lord Ganesha to help him out. Moved, Lord Ganesha appeared as a Sage. All the marks and pain in Ballal’s body vanished. Ballal immediately knew the Sage was non-other than Ganesha and worshipped him.

Ganesha asked Ballal what he wanted. To that Ballal requested Ganesha to stay in Pali and remove the sufferings of the people who worshipped him. Ganesha happily agreed and said that Ballal’s name will come before his name during worship and thus the name Ballaleshwar Temple came to being.

Ganesha then disappeared into the destroyed stone which becomes whole again and is called Ballaleshwar.


Ballaleshwar temple is made up of stone, earlier it was made up of wood. The temple is facing east side.It is constructed as such that when the sun rises; the sun rays fall directly on the statue.

There are two ponds near the temple. The temple is constructed in Shree shape of Devanagari script.

Containing two sanctums, outer sanctum has Mooshakholding Modak facing the deity and the inner sanctum has the idol of Ballaleshwar. The idol is 3feet high, facing east and its trunk towards left.Statues of Riddhi and Siddhi are present on both sides of the idol.

There is a Dhundivinayaka temple present behind the main temple and devotees first visit this temple and then go into the main temple.


05:30 AM in the morning to 10:00 PM in the night is the timing for devotees in this temple.


Best possible way to visit Ballaleshwar temple or to reach Pali is to first reach Pune. Pune city is very well connected across India. From Pune, Pali is very near and one can take a bus or cab to reach this place.