Explore the Cultural Heritage of India “Kumbh Mela”

In India Kumbh Mela plays a vital role in life of Hindus as it is considered as one of the sacred festivals. The name “Kumbh Mela” literally means “Kumbh Fair”. During Kumbh Mela, there is a mass gathering of pilgrims across the globe, who comes to celebrate this auspicious mythological event by taking spiritual bath and wash off the sin from life.

As per Puranas this religious festival of Kumbh Mela occurred due to a war between Gods and demons for drinking the “Amrit” (nectar of immortality) for eternal life .It is said that during the battle few drops of this Amrit fell on the earth at four different places. These four places are where these rivers present where Kumbh mela are celebrated.

The Sacred Bath for Sake of Salvation

As per Hindu calendar Kumbh Mela is celebrated once every 12 years. This is one of the greatest festival for Hindus, is famous for celebrating at the bank of riverside. This festival is said to be held for four times in every twelve years. This festival generally rotate between the city of Allahabad(Devprayag or Prayagraj) at the bank  of river Ganges, in Nasik on the bank of river Godavari ; in Ujjain on the bank of river Shipra and in Haridwar on the bank of Ganges River. As per Hindu mythology taking bath in these holly rivers during the Kumbha Mela is considered to be very auspicious, which help in cleansing human body and spirit and make one feel pure.

The sights of Kumbh Mela becomes significant by the presence of huge number of Sadhus (saints) who gathers across the nation, and seen in the attire of color saffron and they perform miracles at the bank of sacred rivers.

As per Puranas taking this spiritual  bath, take part in devotional songs and listening the religious discourses in Kumbh Mela helps to attain the salvation.

There are two different kinds of kumbh:
half (an ardh)  kumbh which held every six years at two sets of  locations;
full (a purna) kumbh , held at city of Allahabad, in every 12 years.

The Maha Kumbh Mela  as per Hindu calendar falls once every 144 years. This festival is said to be helds on the banks of river Ganges and taking place for thousands of years.  This festival attracts millions of people across the globe and is believed to have spiritual impact on Hindus. This festival last for two months depends upon the lunar.

At the place of Kumbh Mela the Government looks after the arrangement for proper accommodation for pilgrims  who visits across the nation. There is proper arrangement of toilets and temporary hospitals facilities and good security by police persons to control the huge crowd. Millions of Indians, male and female of different age groups and specially saints, visit the Kumbh Mela.

The fact behind the devotees in hundreds of millions coming to this holly place from ancient time have some philosophical and metaphysical believes in Hindus. Indeed Kumbh Mela has an awesome power. Thus crazy and chaotics can be the best two words to define the significance of Kumbh Mela.