Bael Milkshake- Wood Apple Milkshake

Bael Milkshake
Bael Milkshake

Bael Milkshake- Wood Apple Milkshake

The Scientific name for Bael fruit is Aegle marmelos. It is also known as “Wood Apple” or “Stone Apple”, “Golden Apple” & “Bel” is one of the medicinal plant and sacred plant in Hindu religion. The fruit takes 10-11 months to ripen. Bael milkshake can be beneficial in summer due to its cool & sweet nature.

Here is the Bael Milkshake recipe which will make your hot summer day cool.


  1. Bael (stone Apple) Ripen
  2. Milk
  3. Sugar
  4. Water
  5. Ice cubes


  1. Take a Bael fruit break it & differentiate the pulp from the seeds with the help of a spoon or knife.
  2. Take a jug add the water in it and then the pulp.
  3. Measurements should be, if the pulp is one cup, then one cup of water should be added.
  4. Strain the mixture of pulp & water through Strainer.
  5. Collect the juice & discard the pulp.
  6. Add sugar in the juice and mix it well.
  7. Now fill this Bael Juice half in a glass and add chilled milk to it.
  8. Add some ice cubes if needed and it is ready to serve.



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