WhatsApp Momo Game & Mobile App for Chatting With Friends & Strangers

WhatsApp Momo Game
WhatsApp Momo Game

The WhatsApp Momo Game is no stranger now as we know a lot about its demerits and risks. With its lethal stuff in a store, it has a negative impact on the users that have made it compare with the Blue whale game that led to suicides and deaths due to this game. As per reports, it has reached to India as well as we see a user in North Bengal has got its invitation to join the Momo WhatsApp Challenge. As soon it received in North Bengal, the state government was seen going after it and has issued a warning against it.  Earlier, it has also taken lives from Indian users as two deaths were reported with this. Well, if you still do not know about it, let’s dig in deep about WhatsApp Momo game as under:

Understanding WhatsApp Momo Game App

The MOMO starts with sending out violent images to kids who are using messaging apps like WhatsApp. If the players fail to follow the game rules, the app then sends threatening messages to the player. The haunting image used for it comes in the form of a lady with bulging eyes having an unusual feature. These are being picked up from designs created by Japanese artist Midori Hayashi. Thus as the players start indulging in the game, he or she gets threatened to such an extent that he or she starts getting suicidal tendencies.

Some Facts & Figures about Online Games

If you check the recent figures, we can find some online games having wrecking issues. If you check the latest statistics, it has been disturbing a lot. Parents have been complaining about kids being the victim of this game, and they have been continuously warned and too often. Like Blue Whale, this game too active on the WhatsApp group also has similar impact and parents are being warned about it. In 2017 alone, the number of lives of kids lost due to such games tolled to around 130. The year 2018 will have similar figures; in fact, it would increase this year with the advent of this game.

Tips to safeguard your kids from Suicidal Effects due to Momo WhatsApp

  • The kids being too vulnerable are among the most targeted people. Being a parent, you can carry out a couple of things as preventive measurements, have a look as under:
  • Talk and speak to your children about the games they play and encourage them to get rid of the games, which are not required and not worthy enough to play.
  • Keep a check over the messaging apps they have been using. As these games are targeting kids who are active on messaging apps, it is essential to keep a check over the same.
  • Check their contact list and make sure you delete the unknown or fishy numbers then and there. 
  • Check their privacy settings over their messaging app and prevent them showing the same to others or adding over their phone-book.
  • Get engaged with your kids’ daily activities and routines. The kids who are glued to gadgets are more prone to get engaged in the deadly games.